Creating a little magic at home


Harry Potter parties have been done by many, so when my boys requested that this be the theme of our second party, I thought this one should be easy enough.  Good gracious was I wrong! I spent hours on Pinterest looking for ideas, days on the Cricut making things and trying my best to narrow down the things that I felt I could accomplish without going broke. 

We looked at Universal’s Three Broomsticks menu and based our dinner around things they may serve. Found a Butterbeer recipe that may have looked good but was totally awful.  I will stick to the yummy ones at Universal. We ordered some delicious butterbeer macaroons that hit that sweet spot. You can find ordering information here.

I created a couple of cheap entertaining games and our craft of course was wand making.  I was impressed with just some wooden rods, hot glue and paint we had some awesome looking wands. We felt the party would not be complete without a candy bar.

Until we can walk the streets of Diagon Alley or take the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade we are fine with bringing the magic into our living room.


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