Ain’t no party like a Scranton party!


The office is a TV show that my husband and I can watch over and over again and still laugh even though we know what is about to happen.  When we decided to throw themed parties for some reason we both thought The Office would make a great one!  There are many references in the show that we could create in our party, most of them seemed to be food, however. 

The Office itself has many parties in the show so we thought about those first to see what ideas we could recreate.  With each party, we wanted a themed game, craft, and dinner. We do not have Alfredo’s pizza cafe or pizza by Alfredo’s, but did have pizza and pretended it came from there. We had every intention of making our own pretzels, but after 4 different stores and no yeast, we decided to go the easy route. An Office party wouldn’t be complete without Dundie awards and a fun run race for the cure T-shirt.

Since this party was our first, we didn’t have many expectations.  My boys loved it because of all the junk food.   You can visit the Electric City in Scranton, PA where the show is said to be.  The actual filming did not occur in Pennsylvania, however, the intro of The Office was shot by John Krasinski while in Scranton, PA.  Many of the show’s references are in fact about Scranton and you can visit these actual locations such as the Steamtown mall, Poor Richard’s Pub, and even Alfredo’s Pizza!  I have attached some items to this article for you to create your own Office party.

I will be putting this town on my travel list, but for now I will enjoy bringing the party home. 


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