Celebrating Christmas All Year Long


Did you know that there is a theme park where the theme is holidays? Want to visit a section of the park in Thanksgiving and ride the Turkey Whirl or how about the 4th of July section and ride something called the Firecracker!  Not only is Holiday World such a fantastic concept, but you can visit this adorable Theme Park in Santa Claus, Indiana.

Santa Claus Indiana has tons of, well you guessed it, Christmas spirit! And of course, Holiday World wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have a Christmas section where you can visit Santa every day.

The town of Santa Claus, Indiana speaks to me in so many ways.  I love all things Christmas and what is so neat is that this whole town embraces it.  You can stay at Lake Rudolph campgrounds, buy an ornament from Santa Claus Christmas store, and then take a stroll to Santa’s Candy Castle for gourmet hot chocolate.

Here are some things you may want to know if you are planning a trip. First of all, Holiday World is only open select days through the year.  This year they open May 5th with some days still closed.  They are open every day in months June and July, with July being the latest hours.  In August through October, Holiday World is only open on the weekends.  Even though Holiday World doesn’t have many days that they are open, they do have tickets where you can pick your own price and you can get in on some days for only $29.99, which for our family of four is a total of $109.96 and we think this is a fair deal for a day of fun.

Even though you may think in Santa Claus, Indiana every day is celebrated with Christmas spirit, there are weekends in September and October that Holiday World celebrates Halloween.

I found many places that you can rent a cabin or a hotel and of course has a very sweet holiday name to it, but while researching I keep going back to Lake Rudolph. I am intrigued not only by the name, but how big the cabins seem to be.  I’ve put in a search for several times throughout the season and the cabins come out to around $200 a night.  You can also rent an RV that is on location or of course put up your own tent if you are looking for a cheaper vacation.

If you have been to Santa Claus, Indiana and/or Holiday World please leave feedback and let us know your thoughts and where to stay.  I am very excited to plan my trip and welcome any guidance for our little getaway.



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