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Key West Weekend Getaway July 2020

We took a trip down to the bottom of Florida/The United States for the weekend. It was a great time for us to visit for the first time because hotel costs were low and the crowds were minimal due to concerns over coronavirus. It gave us an opportunity to check

We were “board” at home

Throughout the years my family has purchased tons of board games and for some reason never throw any of them away.  We decided to take

Christmas in May?

We were on our third party idea and brainstorming things that make us happy.  We have heard of Christmas in July so why not move

Creating a little magic at home

Harry Potter parties have been done by many, so when my boys requested that this be the theme of our second party, I thought this

Vegas for Kids?

I am always researching where my next family vacation should be and yes I have

Oh Canada!

My number one vacation destination I need to visit before I kick the bucket is