If people are supposed to be together, they find a way


Once upon a time…. The world was locked up and couldn’t go anywhere.  Travel and experiencing new things are my passion and I love looking forward to new adventures.  I had booked a trip to Vancouver to see the sites of a little town called Steveston in Canada where they filmed a TV show called Once Upon a Time. This trip was to happen in April and then the world shut down and traveling was no longer in my reach.  We may not be able to travel right now, but my family found a way to bring the fun to us.  Yes, I know this site is all about traveling, but what happens when you can’t? 

Since my travel plans were postponed my family decided to throw a Once Upon a time party.  With a bit of help from my cricut it was easy to create some decorations.  We had Granny’s lasagna for dinner, Emma’s cocoa with cinnamon, and baked apple pies. 

My kids had a blast making their own daggers. I gabbed some light sabers from the dollar tree and unscrewed the top. After laminating our finished dagger creations I glued them to foam poster board, also purchased at the dollar tree. Here is a template for you to make your own. 

With every party we had a game to play, but since I couldn’t find one for this party I had to make one.  While searching on Pinterest I saw another that created a OUAT Monopoly game and even though I knew it was going to take a while to create I was more than up for the challenge.  I had a lot of fun creating the OUAT Monopoly game that I wondered what a OUAT Clue game would look like.  I have attached both games for you to download, print and play! You will need to provide some pieces yourself, but I hope you can find joy in these games. My boys aren’t fans of the show, but they both said this party was one of the best. 





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