Is a Disney Cruise Worth It?


Living just 10 minutes from Disney World has it’s benefits, but you know that saying too much of something isn’t a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, my family and I love Disney and everything it has to offer, but we needed a break from the parks. So we decided to take a Disney cruise!

We have always wanted to go on a cruise and knew that if we did then it would definitely have to be Disney for our first.  After doing careful research we ended up booking a 7 night Eastern cruise on the Fantasy.  Hurricane Irma had a different plan for us and we were rerouted to a Western  cruise.  Our stops included Cozumel Mexico, Falmouth Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Disney’s private island Castaway Cay.  My family traveled with my parents who are avid cruisers, this being their 13th overall cruise, but first with Disney.

Let’s get into the topic of the article; Is a Disney cruise worth it? Depends on who you ask, but in my opinion yes of course. If you were asking my parents I am sure you would end up with a different answer. Now was everything about the ship magical? No it was not and we may not go back on one for a long time. As compared to other cruise lines, Disney is way more expensive! To put this into perspective if you haven’t researched pricing yet, you can go on 2 other 7 day cruises with another company for the price of 1 Disney cruise.  So, you ask what makes it worth it?

Many people say Disney is not just for kids and I completely agree, however I had my two children with me and I believe Disney does an incredible job gearing their ship towards children entertainment. Here is where I may start sounding contradictive.  My oldest is very shy and did not take advantage of the teen clubs, which we all thought was lacking.  There were days that the clubs were open for all ages to enjoy, so both of my children went to the Oceaneers lab and Adventure club, but if it wasn’t open for everyone my youngest didn’t take advantage of those clubs.  In fact, every time we past a club for kids we didn’t see many in there.  With that being said there were still many things we all did enjoy.

During the day there would be entertainment in one of the many pubs or lounges. We took advantage of karaoke, name that tune, or a jeopardy style show. One of the funniest things onboard was the baby race and to this day my parents talk about how funny this was and they are so glad they watched it.

The best part of a Disney cruise were the live shows.  Yes of course food is a big hit with every cruiser, but Disney knows how to put on a show.  My youngest now loves everything Aladdin and came home to watch the movie over and over just because of the musical onboard the ship.  Again, every pro has a con.  Disney will repeat a show more than one night.  This could be a good or bad thing depending on your preference.  Since they show the live shows more than one night you can catch lets say Aladdin the first night and then do another activity the second nights showing or if you really liked it night one you can see it again. However, if you are not into other activities that may be offered then you find yourself wandering about the ship or up at the buffet. During the evening we felt a lot of activities were more for adults.

One thing Disney does right on a their cruise ship is the characters.  We saw so many characters with very little wait and princesses that would just walk around as they were blending in with guests.  One of my most favorite moments was with Cinderella.

All of the princesses were in the Royal Court restaurant doing their princess tea party and Cinderella spotted my little one outside the door. We had been trying to track Cinderella down all day for a photo since he had his prince makeover.  As they came out the door Cinderella walked right towards him and leaned down for a hug.  This made the entire cruise worth it.  If you are a fan of Disney and you have children I’m sure you completely understand how spending over $5,000 is totally worth it to have a moment like this one.

FOOD!  I can’t leave out food.  Disney offers 3 rotational sit down restaurants and 2 that you have to pay extra for.  Each had a unique theme, but overall the food was excellent.  What was better than the food though was our servers, Barbie and Dani.  They made every night special for my children.  Barbie brought a puzzle for my oldest to work on every night and teased my youngest to eat his broccoli.  Dani got so close to my kids that he drew them pictures of their favorite characters.  Capping every night off with soft serve ice cream of course was the kids favorite part.

I believe what it comes down to is your budget. Earlier I said we probably wouldn’t go back on a Disney cruise soon and this is only because of budget. Disney made our first cruise easy and enjoyable. We were comfortable with our surroundings and knew that most everything was included in the price we paid. Disney helped us fall in love with cruising and now we are currently looking into another cruise with another company.


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