Vegas for Kids?


I am always researching where my next family vacation should be and yes I have researched Las Vegas often.  I read many articles regarding taking your kids and each one was different because of course it is all opinion. There is no fact to back up anything anyone says about whether you should or shouldn’t do something, but I value others opinions so I continue to read. There are many other vacation destinations that would intrigue a child more than a city full of casinos, but hey parents have to enjoy the vacation too! 

          I was blessed with an opportunity to travel to Vegas without my children to do a little more digging into the city of lights. Mentioned in another one of my articles; New York-New York seemed to be the most kid-oriented areas of Las Vegas and if I took my children this is where I would stay. This hotel had a large arcade, The Big Apple roller coaster, and Hershey’s Chocolate World! I felt like my kids would never want to leave this area of Las Vegas which made me want to bring them.

          Yes the sites of the hotels were breathtaking and there are many shows you can’t find anywhere else, but when you walk away from this area of the strip there was not much for kids to do. With every hotel, you walk right into a casino and a cloud of smoke. There is no getting away from that. You can find the good in every hotel, but know that it is geared more towards adults with shopping and not much for children.

          My hotel was on Freemont street and while there are some cool things for kids to do, I wouldn’t recommend being here too late at night.  The Viva Vision light show was one of the coolest things I’ve seen and I know my kids would enjoy this.  It lasts approximately six minutes and runs every hour. Currently it starts at 6pm. If your children are a bit more adventurous you could zip line down Freemont street and even though I did not experience this while there I did have fun watching others zipline.

          So after reading other articles, researching on my own and actually traveling to Vegas myself I sit and ask myself would I take my kids to Las Vegas? My opinion on this subject, no. There weren’t many options for my family’s personal vacation wants and I was really disgusted by the amount of smoke, casinos right as you walk in the hotels, and well, sights of the dark streets.  I don’t believe Las Vegas is a one stop vacation spot and needs to be paired with surrounding destinations. 


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