We were “board” at home


Throughout the years my family has purchased tons of board games and for some reason never throw any of them away.  We decided to take the opportunity to play every board game we had (or tried to at least) and turn it into our 4th party. 

I’m also a teacher and ironically enough I am planning on my classroom theme to be board games so I had items that I had already purchased for my classroom on hand.  You can purchase these items on https://www.eurekaschool.com/

I did print out monopoly money for candy bar wrappers and little sorry pieces to add to the donuts.  Since we had so many board games already this party was a very simple and cheap one to put together.  We did not have a craft this particular week because we had so many hours of game play ahead of us. If you would like your own family game night shirt check these out! https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/10143938-edcot-tpb-family-game-night-monopoly-version?store_id=163675

And of course since this website is all about travel, take a look at this house you can rent in the Orlando area that is all about games! https://greatescapelakeside.com/


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